Thursday, June 11, 2009


Alternative Post Title:
How I found out I was awarded 2010 Oregon Higher
Education Art Teacher of the Year.....

I was actually washing up breakfast dishes when the phone rang a few minutes after 8:00 (am). Used to providing answering service for my daughters, I thought, "Who the heck would be calling THIS early? It being graduation day, all of Erin's friends didn't have to get up for school and were sure to be sleeping-in. The caller was Shannon McBride, from LakeRidge High School. When I told her what a pleasant surprise it was to hear from her, she said, "Well, I'm about to make it even better," and proceeded to tell me about the award. I was stumbling-over-my-tongue speechless. 'Didn't know what to say. I had no idea.

(You can read more in the George Fox News Releases.)


  1. Mark,
    Congrats on the Teacher Award and for the MFA Show... Looks like lovely work you're getting outta your kiln, and I'm glad you also have been recognized for all you hard work.
    Thanks for thinking of me and sending the show card!

  2. Mark you are so awesome- it's about time!

  3. Oh awesome Mark! way to go with the award!
    I have a few photos of the last woodfiring I need to show you!
    I have 2 that are of austin being don and don at the kiln... :)
    congrats again!

  4. I'm a little late with the congratulations, but...what an honor! and what a year for you!
    From seeing you here at the firings with your students, I know this is a well-deserved recognition. I'm so pleased for you.